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Off-Plan Apartments for Sale in Indonesia

New off-plan apartments in Indonesia are properties available for purchase not only by local citizens but also by non-residents. The units are suitable for seasonal holidays, relocation, or as profitable investment projects. For foreign nationals, this is an opportunity to invest money in highly liquid and profitable housing, which is in demand all year round.

On the website, you can select and buy apartments for sale off-plan in Indonesia residential complexes in any region of the country. The most popular locations include:

  • Bali
  • Jakarta
  • Bandung
  • Medan
  • Surabaya
  • Makassar

Our catalogue contains a wide range of apartments in off-plan projects in Indonesia for investments and living, with options catering to all tastes and budgets. Our specialists will help you get acquainted with the ins and outs of local legislation and make your choice.

For foreigners, apartments in Indonesia are offered for purchase with a certain minimum investment threshold. The amount depends on the specific province. The highest rate is in Jakarta at $195,000. In the island of Bali, popular among foreigners, overseas nationals can buy housing worth at least $130,000. Most tourist locations and major cities have a similar rate. This measure is intended to support the local economy and protect the interests of the local population. However, even considering the minimum prices, the cost of housing remains affordable.

Off-Plan Apartments Prices from Developers

Apartments for sale in new development projects off-plan in Indonesia are geared towards the different needs of future owners. Developers offer simplexes and duplexes, budget-friendly studios and premium residences. There is an optimal option for any budget and goals. The final price depends on several factors:

  • Number of bedrooms;
  • Neighbourhood;
  • Proximity to the ocean;
  • Available additional amenities.

Most new projects are designed in such a way that residents can find everything they need for comfort within their residential complex. Additional amenities may include a communal swimming pool, gym, playground, sports ground, and recreation area.

Off-Plan Investment Apartments from Developers

Prices for flats in off-plan development projects in Indonesia are lower than in already completed complexes. With a short-term strategy, this allows you to earn up to 20–30% of the initial investment in a short time. Construction in the island nation is proceeding quickly, with many developers promising to complete projects within a year. Another reason to buy could be an interest-free instalment plan. It allows you to pay for the apartment in instalments, rather than paying the entire amount at once.

The country is one of the largest in Southeast Asia. A rapidly developing economy promotes urbanisation, thanks to which urban housing is as in demand as resort housing. Property in Indonesia is especially popular among remote workers who are willing to rent it long-term. Many holidaymakers also prefer independence from hotel check-in rules and make private bookings. All this allows foreigners to purchase apartments in new buildings in Indonesia at prices from the developer and then recoup the investment within several years by renting them out.

Buy Off-Plan Apartment in Indonesia

Due to the intensive development of territories, buyers have access to a large selection of off-plan and completed apartments in different cities of the state. Our website contains listings from developers, among which you can choose not only an apartment but also a villa in Indonesia. To find the property you need, just set the necessary filters in the search system. They allow you to focus on real estate of the type of interest in a specific area and calculate the cost of flats for sale off-plan in new projects in Indonesia in the desired currency. You can view prices in euros and dollars. Specialists will help you choose a flat for sale in off-plan residential projects in Indonesia. To get advice, just leave a request in the contact form.