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Apartments for sale in Indonesia

Apartments in Indonesia for investment and living are liquid properties in one of the largest countries in Southeast Asia. It is home to more than 267 million people, making it the fourth biggest population in the world. Property in Indonesia offers good prospects for overseas investors, given that the country is the largest economy in the region.

The island nation attracts expats and holidaymakers with its mild climate, proximity to the seacoast, and comfortable living conditions. The real estate market is on the rise, which ensures high demand and liquidity of property, which you still can purchase at affordable prices. This makes flats in Indonesia investment-worthy.

The market includes primary and secondary housing. Off-plan property is in high demand. You can purchase both a compact studio apartment, where a living room is combined with a European-style kitchen, and a residence with several bedrooms. New buildings also offer premium types of real estate — duplexes and penthouses. You can buy a unit in a skyscraper in large cities such as Jakarta, Medan, and Bandung. In Bali and Yogyakarta, there is a restriction on the height of buildings, so apartments here are offered in low- or mid-rise houses.

Modern residential developments provide a comfortable lifestyle, as they feature numerous additional amenities, including:

  • Swimming pools;
  • Private beaches;
  • Gyms;
  • Children’s playgrounds.

Another advantage of such developments is the round-the-clock service. A management company oversees area improvements, and security staff ensure safety. Parking spaces for residents’ cars are integrated into a development plan.

You can buy a flat in Indonesia from trusted sellers on our website. The catalogue features sales offers in the country’s popular regions. Bali remains the most popular destination for foreigners. However, this is far from the only location in demand among overseas buyers. Equally popular are apartments in Jakarta, Bandung, and other parts of the country where foreigners can purchase property without any restrictions.

Apartments prices in Indonesia

The cost of flats for sale in Indonesia depends on several factors: location, size, and amenities available in a residential development. The average cost per square metre is $1,430. In the real estate market, you can see the following prices:

  • 1-bedroom units – $75,000.
  • 2-bedroom apartments – $109,000.
  • 3-bedroom flats – $185,000.

Comfortable housing can be purchased within an average of $150,000. The upper threshold of prices is much higher and depends on the characteristics of a particular property. You can find the cost of apartments in Indonesia on our website.

Investment apartments in Indonesia

Real estate remains the most stable asset to protect your funds from inflation. There are several factors speaking in favour of investing in apartments and villas in Indonesia:

  • A stable developing economy. GDP has increased by an average of 5% in recent years.
  • Well-developed infrastructure providing a comfortable lifestyle.
  • An emerging residential real estate market with a wide range of properties and still affordable prices.
  • Stable growth in the cost of apartments and high liquidity. You can resell a ready-made apartment for a higher price if you want.
  • Year-round rental demand. People come to the country for not only winter escapes or seasonal holidays but also for relocation.
  • A high rate of return on property. Rental yield can exceed 9–15% per year.

Investing in off-plan residential property is just as profitable. The difference between purchase prices at the start of sales and at the handover stage can reach 60% or more. No other country can boast such figures.

Profitable to buy an apartment in Indonesia

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