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Apartments for sale in Bali

Investment apartments in Bali provide an attractive opportunity for a foreigner to become the owner of highly liquid and profitable housing. The island, with its snow-white beaches and comfortable resort climate, attracts holidaymakers throughout the year. The steady influx of tourists contributes to the demand for local housing, so property in Indonesia can bring a stable income. The territory of the island is rapidly being built up, which allows you to pick up property in both ready-made and off-plan complexes.

Foreigners can buy a flat in Bali, Indonesia, in private ownership or leasehold, which is an extended long-term lease. Freehold flats can be found in free economic and industrial zones. However, regardless of the form of ownership, the cost of a purchased apartment in Bali for a foreigner should not be less than $131,000.

On the island, you can buy a small studio flat, a spacious residence, a duplex, or a penthouse on the top floor of a building. Our website offers properties for different budget levels. You can choose a residence for permanent living or investment in all popular tourist locations.

Apartments prices in Bali

The cost of apartments in Bali is based on several components:

  • Proximity to the sea;
  • The floor area of the housing and the number of bedrooms;
  • Availability of additional amenities in the residential complex.

The most affordable prices at the time of the sales opening. Such housing can be bought for $150,000. Finished apartments are more expensive. The cost of premium-class residences can reach $1 million and more.

Investment apartments in Bali

Investing in real estate allows you to save money from inflation. Property on the island is growing in value. Only in the last year has the cost of premium properties doubled. Due to the limited areas for development and high demand, in the future, apartments will only become more expensive, which allows you to resell them at any time with a substantial profit.

Investments at the start of sales remain the most profitable. Apartments in residential complexes under construction are cheaper than finished ones. The difference in price will range from 25–30% to 60%. The specific amount of profit on resale depends on the prestige of the residential complex and the demand for flats in it.

There are several other reasons to buy an apartment in Bali for investment and living.

  • The country’s economy is stable. GDP growth is up to 5% per year. Developed infrastructure and urbanisation contribute to the influx of population, which increases interest in real estate.
  • The holiday season has no calendar restrictions. On the island, even during the rainy season, it is warm and you can swim. Therefore, rental properties are not idle.
  • Affordable prices for housing, especially when compared to the cost of similar units in European resorts.
  • High profitability ratio of apartments in Indonesia. It can exceed 10% per year, which makes apartments highly profitable and quickly paid off.

It is not necessary to live in Indonesia to rent out a home. Many developers and agencies offer a guaranteed income programme, allowing the owner to receive a steady profit, the amount of which is specified in the contract. The flat is managed independently by a real estate agent.

Buying apartments in Bali

The website presents all the real estate options in Indonesia. Offers from developers and agencies contain only up-to-date information. The database is regularly updated and features a filtering system. With its help, you can select the type of property you are interested in, set the desired number of bedrooms and cost limits. The calculation of prices in different currencies is also available. Specialists are ready to help you choose a flat or a villa in Indonesia. Start choosing a foreign property right now so that you do not miss the most popular properties in Indonesia.