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Villas for sale in Bali

Buying villas in Bali is a profitable investment. The island is Indonesia’s leading holiday destination, so property here is always in high demand. The region covers an area of 5,780 km² and includes Bali itself and several smaller islands located nearby.

The terrain of the territory is more adapted to low-rise construction, so the choice of apartments in Indonesia is not as wide as private homes. The latter are presented in two forms: townhouses and villas. A plot of land is provided in both cases, but while townhouses must have an adjacent wall with a neighbouring house, villas are separate buildings. The larger the house and the area of land under it, the higher the cost.

Foreigners can buy a villa in Bali on a long-term lease (leasehold). This scheme is common in many Southeast Asian countries and does not prevent you from disposing of the property at your discretion. The minimum price threshold for houses for sale in Bali, Indonesia, for expats is $328,000.

Villas and houses can be found in many locations on the island. The most popular areas for buying property are:

  • Kuta is a neighbourhood known for its vibrant nightlife and developed infrastructure. A villa here can be purchased for $440,000.
  • Seminyak is a resort where you can choose the most respectable and prestigious property. The average price of a house is about $500,000.
  • Canggu is an area popular among connoisseurs of white-sand beaches and sea waves. A villa on the coast can be bought for $330,000.
  • Sanur is a city frequently chosen by families and retirees for the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. The budget for buying a house here is around $330,000.

This is not an exhaustive list of places, where you can buy a villa in Bali for investment and living. There are many other promising locations throughout the island.

Investment house in Bali

Property in Indonesia remains highly liquid and profitable. For residents of other countries, it is an affordable opportunity to make a profit. You can buy a house in a residential complex under construction and resell it later or receive income from renting it out. Top 5 reasons to invest:

  • Convenient location. The island’s international airport is connected to all countries, making transfers easy.
  • Affordable housing costs. A 1-bedroom villa can be purchased for $330,000.
  • Resort climate throughout the year.
  • Stable economy and low inflation ensure a high quality of life.
  • High rate of return on housing. Depending on the location, it can reach 6–7% per annum. In prestigious locations such as Seminyak, the return on investment can be as high as 10%.

When considering the purchase of a house as a short-term investment, it is worth paying attention to properties under construction. The difference in price with ready-made housing reaches 25–30%, and in some regions, it can be up to 60% of the amount of the initial investment. At the same time, finished property is also growing in price. Therefore, in a few years, you will be able to sell it profitably.

Long-term investments allow you to get a stable income from renting. You can take advantage of the developers’ offers, which provide not only delivery of the residential complex but also trust management of the property. A guaranteed income programme gives you the opportunity to completely delegate all rental issues to realtors and make a profit while being outside the state.

Villas prices in Bali

The average price per square metre of a house on the island is $2,010. This allows you to calculate the cost of villas in Bali depending on your planned budget or metre of purchase. Depending on the number of bedrooms, the average prices, including the threshold for foreigners, are as follows:

  • 1-bedroom houses can be bought for $330,000.
  • 2-bedroom villas are available for $360,000.
  • 3-bedroom houses cost an average of $420,000.
  • 4-bedroom villas are sold for $710,000.

The cost of spacious 5-bedroom properties can exceed $1 million. It is important to take into account that the figures are averaged. They can be both lower and higher. In addition, the cost of real estate is dynamic and tends to rise. Therefore, it is more reasonable to study specific sales announcements closer to the time of purchase.

Profitable to buy house in Bali

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