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Property in Kuta

On our platform, you can study property cost in Kuta and choose real estate for relocation or investment. Located on the island of Bali, Kuta is one of the popular resorts in Indonesia. The town, which once was a small fishing village, is known for its perfect beaches and vibrant nightlife. Buying property in Kuta is allowed not only for residents but also for foreigners. Foreign property hunters can buy housing on a long-term lease basis.

The procedure of buying property in Indonesia differs from the usual European one. Foreign investors can purchase apartments in condominiums only on the basis of long-term ownership. Usually, the lease term reaches 20–30 years and can be extended. In this case, housing can be sold, leased or inherited. Professional brokers will ensure a safe and smooth transaction. With their help, you can purchase overseas property even remotely.

This resort area is a relatively new destination for foreign buyers, which is rapidly gaining popularity. The market is developing, so the cost of housing in Kuta is still attractive to investors. Real estate prices have not reached their maximum values, and they look especially competitive in comparison with the cost of housing in European resorts. A large selection of residential units allows you to choose an apartment or a house for investment, relocation or rent.

Property prices in Kuta

The cost of properties in Kuta, Indonesia, depends on several factors:

  • type of housing, size and number of bedrooms;
  • location and proximity to the beach;
  • amenities.

The local market offers both budget-friendly properties and high-end housing units. At the time of publication of the post, a 1-bedroom apartment in a condo can be purchased for $66,000. A 2-bedroom townhouse is priced at $95,000. A 2-bedroom villa costs $99,000, while the price for a spacious house in Indonesia with 6 bedrooms and the same number of bathrooms goes as high as $995,000.

The average sales price is around $200,000. We recommend clarifying the cost of housing in Kuta right before buying, as prices are steadily growing.

Investment property in Kuta

Buying real estate in Kuta means safely investing in highly liquid and profitable housing. A popular resort near the airport is in demand among holidaymakers, which ensures you a stable flow of tenants for your villa or apartment in Indonesia. The holiday period in the country does not have a pronounced seasonality, so housing is always in demand. In addition, you do not need to stay in the country to receive income. Many real estate agencies offer a property management service. Moreover, you can always resell the apartment and get profit on the capitalization of the cost.

A short-term investment strategy can be even more profitable. You can buy an off-plan unit and resell it after its handover. The difference in price varies from 30% to 60%.

Buying property in Kuta

Our platform offers an ultimate selection of property listings of units in Kuta with up-to-date prices, descriptions and contact details of sellers. All information from developers, agents and individual sellers is regularly updated. Foreigners can buy newly built housing, resale apartments and units in residential complexes under development. Our easy-to-use search system features a wide range of filters that will help you sort property listings by many parameters like property area, number of bedrooms, prices in euros or dollars. Explore the best real-time offers on our website today.