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Property in Bali

Bali property, whose prices are presented on our website, is popular among foreigners. Buying housing on a tropical island allows you to invest money favourably and save it from inflation. Local real estate can be used as a place for seasonal holidays, as a permanent residence, or as an investment.

The island is surrounded by ocean waters and has a developed infrastructure that attracts tourists. The comfortable climate allows for a year-round holiday season. This enables investors to get a stable profit from renting out properties.

In Bali, you can find all types of property: flats with different numbers of bedrooms, penthouses, duplexes, townhouses, and villas. Apartments are offered in condominiums of small and medium height. Most complexes provide a wide range of additional amenities: swimming pools, spa centres, cafes, and much more.

Private houses are the most popular type due to the terrain, which does not allow the construction of skyscrapers. Villas are built in both classic Asian and modern European styles.

For foreign investors, there is a minimum price limit for the purchase of housing on the island. Apartments must cost at least $131,000. The price of a villa in Indonesia should not be less than $328,000. At the same time, while some flats can be bought freehold, which is full private ownership, villas for foreigners are purchased leasehold — long-term leases. Its duration reaches 30 years and can be repeatedly extended.

Property prices in Bali

The cost of property in Bali directly depends on several factors, among them:

  • Type of accommodation
  • The area and number of bedrooms
  • Proximity to the coast
  • Prestige of the residential complex
  • The presence or absence of amenities.

Among the latter may be a gym, a swimming pool with a lounge, a clubhouse, and other additions that make the lives of residents more comfortable.

The starting price for apartments is $131,000. The cost of premium residences reaches $1 million and more. 1- to 3-bedroom villas can be purchased for $330,000. Spacious houses with 4 to 5 bedrooms cost about $1 million. The cost of property in Bali also depends on the neighbourhood. The highest prices are in premium resort locations, including Seminyak, Changgu, Ubud, and Kuta.

Properties for investments in Bali

Houses and apartments in Indonesia can be considered not only as a seasonal holiday destination but also as an investment. Among the top reasons to invest in local property are:

  • Indonesia’s economy is growing strongly. GDP growth is 5% annually. Urbanisation of the areas, population growth, and tourist flow create high demand for housing.
  • The resort season lasts all year round. Even the rainy season does not become an obstacle for those wishing to relax, which allows you to get a regular income from renting out apartments or houses.
  • The local property market is booming, and prices are rising, making real estate in Bali highly profitable and liquid. Premium properties have almost doubled in price in the last year alone. On average, the price increase over the year was around 15–20%.
  • The profitability ratio of accommodation is as high as 10–15% per annum. You do not need to live in Bali to rent out a house. You can take advantage of guaranteed income programmes, according to which all property management is taken over by the developer or a local agency. The homeowner receives the contractually agreed-upon profit on an ongoing basis.

The strategy of buying property in Bali, Indonesia, under construction remains favourable. At the beginning of sales, prices are much lower than by the time the complex is completed. The difference varies within 25–30%. Exclusive units can go up in price by 50–60%.

Buying property under construction has another advantage. Many developers offer interest-free instalments, which allow you not to invest the entire amount at once. The duration of instalments and the schedule of payments are determined for each project individually.

Profitable to buy property in Bali

The catalogue provides real estate options for every purpose and budget. Ads are published directly by developers and agencies and contain up-to-date information and prices. There are no hidden commission payments. The buyer communicates directly with the seller without intermediaries.

You can choose property for sale in Bali for investment and living and buy it with a guaranteed, safe transaction. With the help of the search system, you can set the type of housing of interest, the number of bedrooms, and the area of location. The calculation of prices is available in different currencies. Explore property in Indonesia right now so that you do not miss the most favourable offers.