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Property in Jakarta

Foreigners can buy property in Jakarta, Indonesia, at attractive prices and use it at their discretion on the basis of a long-term lease. The capital of Indonesia remains a popular destination for nationals of different countries. The city with a population of 10 million is located in the northwestern part of the island of Java.

The main metropolis of the country provides comfortable living conditions for people of all ages. Pensioners will be able to appreciate the developed infrastructure and quality medical care. For young people there are many options for leisure time and entertainment as the city offers numerous water sports activities, various cultural events and active nightlife. But the main advantage of the region, which attracts so many expats to Jakarta, remains comfortable climate conditions. Here you can forget about the nasty winter or slushy off-season and enjoy the sunshine all year round.

Although you can find all popular types of property in the city, the most common option is apartments in condominiums, as developers strive to meet the needs of the rapidly growing population of the metropolis as much as possible. You can buy a studio unit or an apartment with a different number of bedrooms. Many foreign buyers consider buying a villa or house in Indonesia. Despite the fact that foreigners cannot own property in this country in a traditional way due to the local legislation, with a guidance of a legal expert you can buy and use any type of real estate.

In Jakarta, you can find both completed and off-plan residential complexes. The main focus of modern residential complexes is maximum comfort. Usually residential projects offer their residents a wide range of additional amenities:

  • a pool;
  • a children's play area;
  • a green area;
  • a sports ground or fitness center.

In addition, residents can also explore numerous tourist spots in the city. One of the largest squares in the world, Medan Merdeka, is located in the capital. It has landscaped gardens and fountains and an amazing observation deck. Another popular place to visit is the Indonesia Miniature Park, which includes many museums where you can explore the history of the country. Moreover, Jakarta offers endless options for beach holidays.

Buying property in Indonesia does not allow property hunters to apply for citizenship or a residence visa. For expats, there are several visa options that allow you to stay in the country legally.

Property prices in Jakarta

Property cost in Jakarta depends on several aspects. Among them are the area, the number of bedrooms, amenities, and the prestige of the residential complex. The average sales price per square meter is $1,723. The cost of housing for different types of units in property listings in Jakarta looks as follows:

  • $124,200 for a studio apartment;
  • $145,000 for a 1-bedroom unit;
  • $167,000 for a 2-bedroom unit;
  • $267,000 for a 3-bedroom residences.

For more spacious apartments in Indonesia the average price is $567,000.

Investment property in Jakarta

Real estate for sale in Jakarta is a great investment solution. The economy of Indonesia is developing, and the population of the capital is growing. Increasing demand makes housing highly liquid and profitable. Property investment can generate a profit through value capitalization when reselling your housing. The most profitable option is investing in real estate under development in Jakarta, prices for which you can check out on our website. At early stage of construction, such property costs much less than after it is handed over. The amount of profit can reach several tens of percent.

Another option to gain profit is renting out your property. The holiday season in Indonesia lasts all year round, so apartments are in demand among holidaymakers all the time. In addition, those who work remotely stay in Jakarta for months, so finding a tenant is not a problem. Based on data from rental listings at the time of publication, the average monthly rent is:

  • $230 for a studio unit;
  • $450 for a 1-bedroom apartment;
  • $550 for a 2-bedroom unit.

The final rates depend on the proximity to the city center, area and amenities. Also, you should keep in mind that the rent rates are constantly growing.

Buying property in Jakarta

Our platform offers property in Indonesia with housing listings from trusted local developers and agencies. The database is regularly updated and includes real-time information on housing prices in Jakarta. A wide range of offers allows you to find overseas property for any budget and purpose. And with our easy-to-use search filters you will find an ideal apartment in a condominium or a villa in no time.

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