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Property in Ubud

Foreigners can buy real estate in Ubud, a popular tourist area in Bali. The village is known for its beautiful landscapes and fantastic rice terraces. With its rich history and authentic architecture, Ubud is the cultural center of Bali. For foreigners, buying a home in Ubud is an opportunity to invest money profitably and acquire property that can be used for relocation, as holiday accommodation or as an investment. Houses and apartments in Indonesia are in demand among tourists and digital nomads, which allows you to receive a stable rental income throughout the year.

Our platform offers an ultimate collection of real estate in Ubud, which you can buy directly from trusted developers or owners. But you should keep in mind that for foreign buyers, there are some restrictions when it comes to buying property. For example, only Indonesian citizens can own land. However, foreigners can use the following scheme to obtain full ownership: sign a notarized loan agreement with a local resident, under which the property will be purchased. This ownership option is called Hak Milik.

Those planning to move to permanent residence can use Hak Pakai (the right of use). Having bought a property through Hak Pakai, an expat receives an individual certificate. This document gives the foreigner the full right to use the land or house. The Hak Pakai Individual Certificate is issued for an initial period of 30 years. In the future, it can be extended for another 20, and after that for another 30 years. Thus, the total term of the certificate is 80 years.

Property prices in Ubud

The cost of real estate in Ubud, Indonesia, depends on several factors:

  • type of housing;
  • living area and size of the land plot, if it is a landed house;
  • number of bedrooms;
  • amenities.

A 1-bedroom unit in an off-plan residential complex can be purchased for $380,000. A 3-bedroom apartment is priced at $720,000. Limited supply leads to high demand and as a result growing price.

A house in Indonesia can be cheaper if they have fewer amenities, however the price range is quite wide. Here you can see housing prices in Ubud are at the time of publication. For example, a 250 m² 2-bedroom villa can be bought for $264,000. A 536 m² 4-bedroom home can be purchased for $720,000. A variety of offers allows you to choose the right buy-to-let or buy-to-live option.

Investment property in Ubud

The Indonesian real estate market is developing steadily, so in Ubud the cost of housing is growing, but has not yet reached its peak. Investment in local housing remains profitable, as it allows you not only to save money, but also to gain profit by capitalizing the value of the property.

You can buy real estate under development in Ubud, which is considerably cheaper than move-in ready units. When reselling your home, the profit reaches several tens of percent. Another option is investing in highly liquid and profitable buy-to-let housing. You do not have to stay in Indonesia to do this. You can find a suitable offer at many real estate agencies. When buying an apartment, the owner receives a guaranteed rental income. The ROI depends on the specific property and varies from 11 to 18%.

Buying property in Ubud

Our platform offers an ultimate selection of property in Indonesia with up-to-date information from developers and agencies. In our property database, you will find move-in ready apartments in newly built projects and units in off-plan residential complexes, houses and villas. With our easy-to-use search filters, you can set the area, type of property, price range and other parameters that will help you find your ideal home in no time. The property database is regularly updated and includes verified information, property descriptions, photos, prices and contact details of the seller. You can browse prices in euros and dollars. Find your overseas property today.