• Rules for importing animals into Indonesia in 2024

    Pet owners who enjoy traveling to warm countries may wonder about moving to Indonesia with pets. Local legislation does not prohibit traveling with four-legged friends, but there are rules on transprtation animals into Indonesia. The primary requirement is a 2-week quarantine. In addition, certain regions of the country, including the popular...

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  • 10 reasons to invest in real estate in Indonesia

    Today, many investors are considering investing in Indonesia for foreigners. The country's economy is showing stable growth, and the number of real estate transactions is increasing every year. Considering the country's terrain, there are not many available land plots suitable for construction. This, combined with the resort-oriented nature of the...

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  • Interesting facts about Indonesian architecture. How do people live in this country?

    Indonesian architecture vividly reflects the diverse cultural and historical events that have shaped the nation. Invaders, colonists, missionaries, traders and merchants have all left their distinct marks. Throughout Indonesia, one can discover a myriad of traditional houses, each belonging to hundreds of ethnic groups, with its unique history....

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  • What investors should know when buying property in Indonesia

    Indonesia stands as an appealing destination for foreigners seeking to invest in property. With its stunning natural beauty, well-developed infrastructure and relatively straightforward property purchase process, the country has gained popularity among expatriates and real estate investors alike. How easy is it to buy property here? In this...

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  • How to buy a car for a foreigner in Indonesia?

    How to buy a car in Indonesia? The car buying process in Indonesia is of interest to many expatriates and tourists who want a comfortable means of transportation. Foreigners have the right to purchase personal transportation, but under certain conditions, which we will discuss below. Content: Can foreigner buy car in Indonesia? Car...

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  • Education in Indonesia: pre-school, secondary, higher education

    The education system in Indonesia clearly reflects the European influence. This is because the country only gained independence in 1945 and was a Dutch colony until then. Content: Indonesian education system: From preschool to university Preschools in Indonesia Schools Structure of school learning process Homeschooling in...

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  • Family Visa for Indonesia: Ways and conditions of obtaining

    The Family Visa Indonesia (Family KITAS, coded with indexes 317 and 318) is a permit for long-term residence that can be obtained by: Spouse, children under 18 of a citizen of the country. Spouse, children under 18 of a foreigner who holds a work, pension, or investor KITAS. In the first case, the document can be obtained over a period of 5...

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  • Moving to Indonesia in 2024: Top tips

    A significant number of foreigners are considering relocating to Indonesia in 2024. This sunny country attracts with its warm climate, picturesque nature, and pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. The advantages of living in Bali and other regions include: A wide variety of exotic fruits at reasonable prices throughout the year; Stunning beaches to...

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  • Indonesia 2024: Property prices and buying process

    Indonesia's accelerating economic growth and rapidly expanding consumer market make it an ideal place for foreign investors. With a relatively straightforward process for foreigners to purchase real estate, the country offers numerous investment opportunities. However, before taking advantage of these opportunities, it's important to know which...

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  • Working in Indonesia: What are the prospects for foreigners?

    Indonesia is a unique country with breathtaking natural beauty, hospitable and friendly people, which naturally attracts foreigners from all over the world. Indonesia is not only a popular tourist destination, but also an attractive choice for real estate investment, permanent relocation, and employment. Although not being a global economic...

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