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Residence complexes in Indonesia

Real estate in residential complexes in Indonesia is an affordable opportunity for foreign nationals to purchase apartments on the seacoast for investment and living. Southeast Asia remains one of the most promising destinations. Residential properties in the country with a year-round summer can be a new home after relocation or a potentially profitable investment.

Foreigners can buy property in new residential projects without any restrictions on title, and land, under certain conditions. Modern developments feature apartments of different sizes and degrees of comfort. On our website, you can find current offers from developers and local real estate agencies. Apartments in Indonesia are available in completed or off-plan complexes. Purchasing real estate from a developer remains the most profitable, allowing foreigners and local residents to save a lot. Properties at the excavation stage cost several tens of percent cheaper than those that are move-in ready.

Development projects are not only high-rise buildings where you can buy a unit for investment or personal use. Equally popular are communities that include a limited series of villas or townhouses. Such a house in Indonesia is more convenient to maintain, since all housekeeping matters are handled by the management company rather than by the owner. In addition, gated communities may contain various additional amenities available to all residents:

  • Swimming pool;
  • Fitness centre and outdoor sports grounds;
  • Children’s play areas;
  • Landscaped areas;
  • Shops, cafes, restaurants.

The cost of real estate in a residence complex in Indonesia directly depends on not only the type and area of property but also the number of additional amenities. An apartment in Indonesia can be bought for $127,000. This is the price of a small unit, while premium real estate is more expensive, but even then a spacious apartment or a cosy house can be purchased within $500,000. The local real estate market caters for different budgets.

Investment properties in Indonesia from developer

You can buy property in Indonesia at prices from the developer at the excavation stage and later resell it at a higher price. The housing market in the country is on the rise and is rapidly developing, which allows you to find a suitable property for any purpose.

It is just as profitable to rent out an apartment or a house. In some areas, the rental yield reaches 10% or more, so it is advisable to consider popular tourist destinations on the coast. The holiday season in the country lasts all year round, and housing finds its tenants even during the rainy season.

Property for sale in residential projects in Indonesia

The portal offers an up-to-date real estate database aimed at a wide range of buyers. On the website, you can find any type of property in Indonesia: apartments, houses, and villas in completed and off-plan complexes. Explore listings and real estate prices in new development projects in Indonesia right now. All the best deals are collected on one website. Price calculation is available in euros and dollars. Our experts will be happy to answer any question you might have about purchasing overseas property in real time.