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Property in Seminyak

Real estate for sale in Seminyak is housing in one of the most prestigious areas of Bali, Indonesia. The resort is located in the southern part of the island and is known for its amazing beaches with dark volcanic sand. The city is attractive not only for holidaymakers who enjoy the developed tourist infrastructure. Expats from around the world choose Seminyak for relocation. The warm climate provides comfortable living conditions, and the proximity to the international airport makes it easy to get to the place.

Foreigners can buy property in Seminyak for both relocation and investment. The new resort is actively developing; therefore, most of the properties are newly built and have modern amenities. Villas remain the most popular type of property in Indonesia. Beachfront landed houses in high demand among tourists who prefer not to spend their holidays in hotels. You can also buy an apartment in a condominium. The market offers move-in ready units as well as options in residential projects under development.

You can buy property in Seminyak on a long-term lease basis. Foreigners are restricted to buy land in Indonesia by law. But it is possible to use a building on a plot leased from the government or a local owner. The Hak Pakai long-term lease right allows you to buy and use property for 25 years, with an option to extend up to 70 years to live in or rent it out. The term of use of housing is fixed in the contract.

There are no other restrictions for foreign nationals when buying real estate in the country. You can conclude a transaction remotely and pay in cash, make a bank transfer or use cryptocurrency.

Property prices in Seminyak

The property cost in Seminyak depends on the type of a unit, its area and amenities. In prestigious residential projects with a private pool, real estate units are sold at a higher price. At the time of publication of this post, the prices for housing in Seminyak are as follows:

  • a one-bedroom apartment in a newly built complex can be purchased for $265,000;
  • a three-bedroom villa costs $293,000;
  • a spacious house in Indonesia with 5 bedrooms can be purchased for $790,000.

The price of high-end units reaches $1–1.5 million. It is important to consider that the real estate market is dynamic. Therefore, it is recommended to specify the cost of real estate in Seminyak, Indonesia, directly before buying.

Investment property in Seminyak

Investments in housing in Bali is potentially profitable since:

  • the country's economy is developing, comfortable living conditions attract tourists and expats, which increases the demand for housing;
  • real estate prices are steadily rising, which helps to save money from inflation.

You can buy a buy-to-let apartment or house. Many real estate agencies offer properties with guaranteed income. This means that the owner invests in housing, and specialists are responsible for renting it out, while the owner receives a guaranteed profit of 10% per annum and more.

A short-term investment strategy is as profitable as the long-term one. You can buy a residence in an under-development complex and then resell it. In Seminyak, the cost of off-plan housing is lower than when it is handed over. The difference in price can reach 30% or more.

Buying property in Seminyak

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