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Property in Bandung

Real estate for sale in Bandung, Indonesia, is an affordable opportunity for safe investment. Located southeast of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, this resort area is becoming more and more attractive for foreigners.

With a population of over 2.5 million people, Badung is one of the three largest cities in the country, and it is actively developing. The area is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, tea plantations, and nature reserves, one of which is Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. Many holidaymakers choose Bandung for its developed tourist infrastructure. The lively atmosphere offers something for everyone, from theme parks and musical performances to shopping at numerous outlets and strolling along Chihampelas Walk, which is full of restaurants.

Real estate in Bandung, which foreigners can buy taking into account the peculiarities of local legislation, is offered in various configurations. Expats can buy compact studio units, spacious simplexes and duplexes and luxurious penthouses on the upper floors of residential complexes. The city is being actively built up, so housing can be found both in newly built condominiums and in under-development residential projects.

Developers strive to take into account the needs of all categories of buyers, so apartment buildings are not just buildings with private apartments. Most residential complexes provide the most comfortable lifestyle, where residents get access to:

  • a common swimming pool;
  • a recreation area;
  • a playground for children;
  • a garden or park area.

Detached houses in Indonesia are also popular property options. You can buy a villa or bungalow for investment or living. Most often villas are located in gated communities with a developed internal infrastructure with as many amenities as in apartment complexes.

The city is quite large, so in different areas of Bandung the cost of housing and the infrastructure differs as well as. When choosing buy-to-let or buy-to-live housing, it is worth considering the specifics of the community and compliance with your goals of the purchase. For example, when relocating to Bandung, you can consider the Dago area. It offers a developed infrastructure. Homebuyers who prefer a more active lifestyle should explore the offers in Chihampelas, known for its variety of cafes, restaurants, and night bars. Real estate at affordable prices can be found in the community of Menteng.

Property prices in Bandung

The property cost in Bandung, Indonesia, is influenced by several factors. Among them are the size of the unit, number of bedrooms, year of commissioning, location, prestige of the residential complex, and the amenities it offers. At the time of publication, the property listings feature a wide range of prices:

  • a 1-bedroom apartment can be purchased for $40,000;
  • a 2-bedroom unit costs around $100,000.

In addition, the cost of a villa with 2 or 3 bedrooms also starts from $100,000–120,000, while a 4- or 5-bedroom house can be purchased for on average $500,000. If you are looking for luxury properties, you should study exclusive housing deals. You can buy property in Bandung worth $1 million or more.

Investment property in Bandung

Three reasons to invest in local housing are:

  • Affordable cost compared to Jakarta.
  • Convenient location. The city is less than two hours drive from the capital.
  • Great investment potential. Highly liquid and profitable housing allows you to get a considerable income.

You can buy an apartment in Indonesia and resell it for a higher price. The most favorable prices for housing in Bandung are offered during its construction. You can also ensure a stable income by renting out the property.

Buying property in Bandung

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