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Land Plots in Indonesia

The affordable cost of land in Indonesia makes it attractive from an investment standpoint. The island nation is becoming increasingly popular not only among tourists but also among overseas entrepreneurs. This is facilitated by a steadily developing economy, a large influx of holidaymakers, and affordable prices, which make property in Indonesia in demand along with plots.

When it comes to using lands, foreign nationals have a few possible options:

  • It is a long-term lease, which can be further extended up to 80 years. At first glance, this type of ownership may seem too complicated, but this practice is widespread in Southeast Asian countries. In fact, the lease does not in any way infringe on the rights of the owner, who can dispose of the land at their own discretion within the norms prescribed by law. Non-residents own villas in Indonesia the same way.
  • Investments in the state economy, allowing you to become an owner. To do this, a foreign national must establish an investment company (PMA) and prove its authorised capital, the minimum amount of which must comply with legal requirements. The figures change regularly, so it is advisable to check the final amount on the official websites of the authorities and closer to the time of making a decision.

Foreigners can own one plot of land with an area of no more than 2,000 m², and the value of the property must exceed the established minimum. It depends on the region. For example, in Jakarta and Bali, the minimum price threshold is $325,000. In Sumatra, this figure is much lower and equals $190,000.

Land Plots Prices in Indonesia

The cost of development land for sale in Indonesia is determined by several factors:

  • Area
  • Location
  • Relief
  • Functional purpose

Prices for long-term lease properties are more attractive than for plots offered for private ownership. The cost range is quite extensive. For example, in Bali, a 750 m² plot is offered for $327,000. A piece of land of similar size in Jakarta can be purchased for $600,000.

Land Plots in Indonesia for Investment

You can buy land in Indonesia for construction of housing as a permanent residence or a potentially profitable asset. Prices in the country tend to rise. This allows you to buy land plots in Indonesia and later resell them at a higher price. For foreigners, this is an affordable way to expand their investment portfolio and save money.

Buying Land Plots in Indonesia

Before you buy land plots in Indonesia for investment and construction, it is important to check its status. The land must be suitable for the designated purposes of use. In agricultural areas, it will not be possible to obtain permission to build a residential or commercial property. Our website contains listings for plots directly from the owners with a detailed description of the characteristics. In the catalogue, you can also find all types of local real estate such as houses and apartments in Indonesia. A convenient search system allows you to browse suitable property by region, and you can view prices in euros and dollars. You can get expert advice in real time. Start choosing right now!