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Townhouses in Indonesia

Foreigners can buy a townhouse in Indonesia for investment and living. One of the largest countries in Southeast Asia remains a popular resort destination, which makes housing highly liquid and profitable. The main difference between a townhouse and a villa is that the former has a wall shared with neighbours. Each of the owners has a separate entrance to the house, a private plot of land, and a parking space. This format allows you to lead a private lifestyle, while saving on the purchase, since the cost of townhouses is lower than that of detached villas.

When purchasing a home, it is important to take into account the ins and outs of local legislation. Non-residents can purchase property in Indonesia, but the land under the house will be under long-term lease. This practice is typical for many Asian countries and does not infringe on the interests of the owners, since the lease lasts up to 80 years.


Indonesia is a country with a steadily growing economy. Well-developed transport infrastructure, healthcare and education systems provide a high quality of life. The climatic conditions allow you to leave the cold behind, which makes townhouses in Indonesia attractive for foreigners as a family holiday home or permanent residence.

Townhouse Prices in Indonesia

For overseas nationals, there is a price threshold that the value of the property must match. It varies depending on the specific province. A house in Indonesia a foreigner can buy must be worth at least $95,000. For Bali, this amount is $130,000. Among the equally popular investment locations, you can also consider:

  • Jakarta
  • Bandung
  • Medan
  • Surabaya
  • Makassar

The final price of a townhouse depends on the area, the number of rooms, location, and proximity to the sea. You can view current listings on our website.

Investment Townhouses in Indonesia

The brisk pace of development allows you to choose between completed properties and off-plan residential complexes. It is most profitable to buy a townhouse in Indonesia at the start of sales. The price of a completed property is 20–30% higher than that of an off-plan project, which allows you to make a significant profit in a short time.

You can also consider purchasing real estate to rent it out. The holiday season has no distinct time frame, so housing yields high returns and is in demand all year round. Some developers offer real estate with a guaranteed income programme. The owner can receive profit remotely, while local agencies provide trust management of the property.

Buying Townhouse in Indonesia

The website features listings from developers and local real estate agencies. The database is updated daily and contains only current information. The search system is supplemented with filters allowing you to select a specific type of property, be it a house or apartment in Indonesia. You can view prices in euros and dollars. Specialists will be happy to advise you on the selection and purchase of a luxury townhouse in Indonesia. Check out listings in real time so you do not miss out on the best deals!