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Apartments for Sale in New Projects in Indonesia

Apartments for sale in Indonesia residential complexes can be purchased not only by local residents but also by foreign nationals. For the latter, it is an affordable opportunity to save money from inflation and become homeowners in prestigious resort areas. Property in Indonesia can be considered as an investment, a seasonal holiday home, or a permanent residence.

Foreigners can choose from many popular locations that are in demand among holidaymakers and have well-developed infrastructure, including:

  • Jakarta, the capital;
  • Bali, a leading tourist island;
  • Bandung, a resort with many amenities for residents;
  • Medan, the largest city in Sumatra;
  • Surabaya, a resort on the coast of Java;
  • Makassar, a port city with a long history.

This is not an exhaustive list of areas, where you can purchase real estate.

Indonesia is one of the largest countries in Southeast Asia. The authorities favour overseas investments, but local legislation has its own ins and outs. There are special regulations for foreign ownership of housing. Citizens of other countries can buy apartments in new buildings in Indonesia worth at least the minimum cost established by law for specific provinces. In Jakarta, the price cannot be lower than $195,000, and in Bali, $130,000.

Apartments Prices from Developers

Indonesian real estate mostly comprises low-rise housing, since the terrain and seismic activity of the area do not allow the construction of skyscrapers. However, this does not prevent developers from offering buyers all current types of real estate. Compact studios, apartments with different numbers of bedrooms, and 1- and 2-level residences—simplexes and duplexes—are available for sale. Penthouses can be purchased on the upper floors of buildings. Prices from developers are presented on our website.

Investment Apartments from Developers

Flats for sale in new development projects in Indonesia are highly liquid and profitable assets. Due to rapid urbanisation and year-round tourist flow, real estate is in stable demand. Prices for apartments in Indonesia are rising every year; specific figures depend on the region. For example, over the past year, housing prices in Bali have almost doubled. This allows you to make money on capitalization of value.

Purchasing off-plan units remains one of the most potentially profitable investments, since prices for apartments in residential projects in Indonesia are 20–30% lower before delivery than in ready houses. Housing can always be resold once completed.

A long-term revenue generation strategy involves earning rental income. The return on investment for apartments is up to 10%. Many developers offer real estate with a guaranteed income programme. In this case, the overseas owner purchases housing and transfers it into trust management to the developer, who handles finding tenants and renting it out. The owner receives a net profit without any effort on their part.

Buy Apartments in a New Building in Indonesia

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