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West Nusa Tenggara

Central Lombok 9 properties
Gili Indah 21 property
West Lombok 2 properties
Sumbawa 8 properties


Semarang City 2 properties
Jakarta 212 properties
Tangerang 62 properties
Teras 1 property


Canggu 305 properties
Seminyak 194 properties
Tabanan 139 properties
Denpasar 324 properties


Medan 4 properties
Tanjung Morawa 1 property
Palembang 1 property
Percut Sei Tuan 0 properties

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Real estate in Indonesia

Buy-to-live and buy-to-invest property in Indonesia is a great opportunity for investing in a highly profitable asset in one of the most popular resort countries in the world. Located in Southeast Asia, the country consists of almost 18,000 islands.

Indonesia offers a comfortable and warm climate, beautiful landscapes and excellent beaches. The economy of Indonesia is developing steadily and occupies a leading position among other countries in Southeast Asia. The GDP growth rate has averaged 5% over the past few years. These factors make real estate in Indonesia popular with not only holidaymakers but also those who are planning to relocate or invest in housing.

Indonesia has a very flexible visa policy. The country welcomes foreign investors and is currently amending the conditions for obtaining a Golden visa, which you can apply for if you buy real estate with a price tag of at least $350,000. However, there are several more options for obtaining a residence visa for those who are planning a long stay in Indonesia.

Properties for sale in Indonesia

Buying property in Indonesia is easy if you are a foreigner, as there are no restrictions associated with the transfer of funds in the country. The market offers an abundance of housing options for any budget and goal. For instance, you can choose between off-plan or move-in ready units. Buying an under-development option ensures a significant advantage, as you are offered convenient installment plans, which make the transaction possible even if you have a limited budget. Usually the initial payment is about 30%, and the remaining payments are made according to the plan during the construction process.

Property prices in Indonesia are still more affordable than in other Asian countries and major European cities. Starting prices for apartments are around $150,000. The final cost depends on a number of factors:

  • type of property. Villas and houses in Indonesia are more expensive than apartments;
  • number of bedrooms. The more spacious the housing units are, the higher the price gets;
  • location and proximity to the sea;
  • amenities in the residential complex.

Exclusive properties are more expensive than standard units. The more amenities it offers, the more you have to pay. The average cost of a villa is $500,000. Most of property hunters prefer to buy villas in residential projects serviced by management companies rather than private houses.

Popular Cities

The most popular destinations for buying real estate are the country's capital Jakarta and the resort island of Bali. Here you can buy housing in low and medium-rise buildings, since the maximum height of residential housing is regulated by law.

Although growing demand is pushing developers to increase construction volumes, in some locations, for example, in Bali, there is practically no free space left on the front line. Therefore, those who choose beachfront apartments are forced to consider resale options or look for less densely populated beach areas. For example, you can find various skyscraper apartments in cities like Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, Makassar.

Property types

You can buy both residential and commercial property. Most of options available for sale are modern housing as the Indonesian property market is booming. Condominium apartments provide access to numerous additional amenities, the number of which depends on the specific residential project. The most common amenities include:

  • parking spaces;
  • saunas;
  • swimming pools;
  • play areas for children;
  • sports grounds and fitness rooms.

The safety of living is supported by the security service.

One of the most sought-after types of property in the country is villas. Detached houses with an isolated plot of land are a great solution for a family. An alternative to them are more affordable townhouses.

Investment property in Indonesia

There are two ways to make an investment in housing bring you income. A short-term strategy allows you to earn 30% and more when reselling a finished unit. The difference between the prices of an off-plan unit at the start of sales and after its handover can sometimes reach 100%.

A long-term strategy allows you to make a profit from the provision of housing for rent. The profitability ratio is consistently high and exceeds 9% per year.

We will help you buy property in Indonesia

On our website, you can find a comprehensive collection of property listings including houses and apartments in Indonesia. Our property database is regularly updated and offers information from trusted developers and local real estate agencies. To receive detailed advice on buying overseas property, contact our team via an online contact form. We will help you find your ideal home and manage a property transaction with a reliable seller. Check out real-time housing prices in Indonesia and detailed property descriptions today.